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Housse de couette motif bord de mer 135x200cm
Housse de couette motif bord de mer 135x200cm

duvet cover
seaside pattern

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Embark on Maritime Dreams with our Seaside Pattern Bedding Set: Comfort mixes with Oceanic Adventure for the pleasure of your child

Invite the ocean into your child 's bedroom with our 3-piece set from Cover Housse , including a duvet cover and two pillowcases, all decorated with a charming and lively seaside landscape pattern. This bedding set goes beyond simple comfort, it is an invitation to escape, to dream, an open door to your child's maritime imagination.

Entirely made of 100% polyester , this bedding set ensures remarkable durability and resistance. In addition, microfiber , the manufacturing style chosen, offers softness and lightness that recall the touch of a sea breeze on the skin. Weighing only 1.1 kg , this set adds no unnecessary weight, allowing your child to slip under the duvet with ease and joy.

Each element of the set is designed with unrivaled printing precision, showcasing the natural and calming beauty of the seaside landscape. The meticulous details of the pattern capture the subtle nuances of the ocean and beach, creating thus an environment conducive to calm and relaxation.

The exceptional quality of this bedding set is also evident in the thread count of 200TC , ensuring a smooth and pleasant texture. The premium fabric, combined with advanced printing techniques, creates a duvet cover and pillowcases that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and durable.

The seaside pattern duvet cover and two pillowcases are more than just an addition to your child's bedding, they are a promise of peaceful nights and sweet dreams of ocean adventures. Give your child the opportunity to sail to dreamland in comfort and style.

Visit our Cover Housse online store to discover this bedding set that evokes the simple pleasures of a day at the beach. Make every night a trip to the seaside. Add the seaside pattern bedding set to your shopping cart now and let your child sink into a deep, soothing sleep.

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