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Adjustable Elastic Fastener for Bed Sheet

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Discover our innovative solution for perfectly holding your bed sheets in place with our set of adjustable elastic bed sheet fasteners . Designed to provide exceptional stability, this accessory is the ultimate secret to impeccable bedding, free of wrinkles and mess.

Color and Material : Go for timeless elegance with our set of 12 clips, available in a sophisticated contrast of black and white . Carefully crafted from high-quality elastic bands, combined with durable metal buckles, these ties ensure rock-solid durability.

Adjustable and Versatile : Adapt to all mattress sizes with our adjustable triangular elastic strap system. Adjust the length as needed, whether you prefer a perfectly taut sheet or a little more relaxed. These versatile fasteners are suitable not only for bed sheets, but also for mattress protectors, tablecloths, ironing board covers and much more.

Robust and Anti-Rust : Thanks to its superior quality metal plating, our product stands the test of time. Say goodbye to rust with cutting-edge materials that preserve the beauty of your bed linen.

Duckbill Clip : The ingenious design of the duckbill clip ensures secure attachment without damaging your sheets. The pliers' soft plastics prevent unsightly marks, providing a firm grip without biting delicate fabrics.

Features :

  • Exceptional Stability : Keep your bed sheets impeccably in place.

  • Stylish Color and Material : Set of 12 black and white clips made of high quality elastic bands and durable metal buckles.

  • Adjustable and Versatile : Adjustable triangular elastic straps to fit all mattress sizes and suitable for various uses.

  • Robust and Anti-Rust : Resistance to the test of time thanks to superior quality metal plating, eliminating any risk of rust.

  • Ingenious Duckbill Clip : Secure, damage-free attachment to sheets thanks to clever design and soft plastics.

  • Bedding Perfection : Say goodbye to wrinkled sheets and uncovered mattresses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Merritt Pacocha


Chloe Weimann

Niquel, j’étais septique mais ca marche très bien. Mes draps ne bougent plus. Pat contre c’est très chiant à mettre si le matelas est lourd

Alvah Ullrich

produit conforme au descriptif et photos. Livraison rapide

Grady Erdman

bon produit et fonctionne très bien

Jimmie Wiegand

tres efficace pour avoir des draps bien tendus qui ne roulent pas avec vous pendant la nuit

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