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Parure de lit esprit bord de mer 135x200cm
Parure de lit esprit bord de mer 135x200cm

set of bed linen
seaside spirit

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Embark on a Night Trip to the Seaside with Our Enchanting Bedding Set: Comfort, Serenity and Reveries await you

Immerse yourself in the serenity of a distant shore with our seaside-style bedding set , available exclusively at Cover Housse . This three-piece set transports you to a seascape, transforming your bedroom into an ocean-inspired haven.

This sumptuous set, weighing just 1.1kg , is made up of a duvet cover and two co-ordinating pillowcases , featuring a captivating landscape motif . The detailed, realistic print of this bedding set evokes the very essence of the seaside, allowing you to bring the beauty of the outdoors into the comfort of your home.

Each element of this set is designed with attention to detail. Made from 100% polyester , the fabric benefits from the microfiber manufacturing technique , which gives it exceptional softness and durability. With a thread count of 200TC , you can be assured of exceptional quality and strength that will stand the test of time.

This bedding set is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also offers great comfort. The soft, smooth feel of polyester is soothing to the skin, ensuring optimal comfort for your children while they sleep. Plus, polyester is easy to care for, requiring only machine washing at a moderate temperature to maintain its freshness and vibrancy.

This seaside-style bedding set is an ideal way to inject a breath of fresh air into your children's bedroom. Soft, calming colors, combined with natural imagery, create a serene environment conducive to relaxation and rest.

Don't wait to take your children on an imaginary journey to the seaside every evening with our bedding set. Head over to our Cover Housse online store now to order this set that will turn bedtime into a daily escape. Wrap your children in the comfort and softness of this bedding set and let them snuggle up in their dreams. Don't miss this opportunity, add the seaside spirit bedding set to your shopping cart today!

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