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Cushion Cover Size Guide

    The size guide for cushion cover:

    Square cushion covers

    • Cushion cover 40x40: suitable for cushions sized 40x40 cm.
    • Cushion cover 45x45: suitable for cushions sized 45x45 cm.
    • Cushion cover 50x50: suitable for cushions sized 50x50 cm.
    • Cushion cover 60x60: suitable for cushions sized 60x60 cm.

    Rectangular cushion covers

    • Rectangular cushion cover 30x50 cm: This is a common size for decorative cushions, perfect for adding a touch of color or texture to a sofa or bed.

    • Rectangular cushion cover 40x60 cm: This is a slightly larger size than the previous one, ideal for a sofa back cushion or a decorative cushion for a bed.

    • Rectangular cushion cover 50x70 cm: This is a common size for sofa or bed cushions, providing enough space for a design impression or an interesting texture.

    • Rectangular cushion cover 50x80 cm: This size is ideal for sofa back cushions or to add a touch of comfort to a bed.

    • Rectangular cushion cover 60x80 cm: This size is often used for floor cushions, large sofa cushions or decorative cushions to add a touch of comfort to a bed.

    It is important to measure your cushion before purchasing a cover to ensure it will fit perfectly. Also keep in mind that rectangular cushion covers are generally larger than square cushion covers and therefore may require more filling to maintain their shape.