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Duvet Size Guide

Getting a good night's sleep isn't a luxury , it's something we all need. Without it, we cannot perform at our best, and we feel tired and restless. Of course, duvet choice is crucial to getting that good night's sleep and the feeling of freshness and rejuvenation that follows.

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We tend to think about clothing when choosing a comforter, and we certainly need to make sure we have the right comforter for the climate or time of year. But what about the size of the duvets? Isn't that also important?

Certainly yes. Choosing the right duvet is much more than choosing a single duvet for a single bed , a double duvet for a double bed , or perhaps a king size duvet for an extra-large bed . In this article, we'll look at exactly how to find the right size duvet for your bed.


Duvet sizes are important for two reasons: aesthetics and comfort.

From an aesthetic standpoint , your bed simply won't look good without the right size duvet . Obviously a single duvet will look weird and out of place on a double bed, and vice versa, but there are other factors to consider. The specific size of the bed is important here – bed sizes go far beyond the overly simple classification of single and double. If you don't choose the right size, your bed - and even your entire bedroom - will look a little odd.

From a comfort standpoint, you need a comforter that covers the sleeper(s) without dragging on the floor or taking over the bed. This is only possible with a duvet that is the right size for your mattress .


Consumers have a large number of different sizes of duvets available to them , and the choice can sometimes be a little too vast. However, the size of the duvet can be determined quickly and easily.

To find the size comforter you need for your bed, measure the size of the mattress itself. Remember that the size of the mattress is not the same as the size of the duvet that fits it. You'll also need to consider the thickness of the mattress itself - for thicker mattresses, a slightly wider and longer comforter will be necessary.

To get a rough idea, measure the length and width of the mattress. Then measure the thickness of the mattress and add this third measurement to the length and width values.

You can learn more about these crucial measurements and the comforter size categories they represent below.


A single duvet is designed to be placed on a single bed with a single mattress, and is usually suitable for a single sleeper.

The dimensions of a single quilt are approximately 135 x 200 cm (53 x 75 inches).

Is a single comforter the right size for me?

If your mattress measures approximately 90 x 190 cm, or 35 x 74 inches, a single comforter will be sufficient.


The double duvet is the next size and is designed to accommodate up to two people on a standard double bed .

The dimensions of a double duvet are approximately 200 x 200 cm (78 x 78 inches), which gives it a square shape.

Is a double comforter the right size for me?

If your mattress measures approximately 135 x 190 cm, or 53 x 74 inches, a standard double comforter will work for you.


A King size duvet is designed to accommodate up to two people in a King size bed.

This quilt measures approximately 230 x 220 cm , or 90 inches by 86 inches.

Is a king size duvet the right size for me?

If your mattress measures 150 x 200 cm, or 59 x 78 inches, a king-size duvet will likely be suitable for your needs.


The Super King duvet is one of the largest duvets on the market , designed for a Super King double bed.

This quilt measures approximately 260 x 220 cm , or 102 x 86 inches. This means that its length is about the same as a king-size duvet, but its width is larger.

Is a super king size duvet the right size for me?

If your mattress dimensions are around 180 x 200 cm , or 71 x 78 inches, a Super King Size comforter will be perfect for you.

Popular Super King Size Duvets


Check out our handy duvet size chart to help you choose the duvet that's right for you.

Comforter size Duvet dimensions Dimensions of the suitable mattress
Single bed 135x200 cm , or 53 inches by 75 inches

90x190 cm , or 35 inches by 74 inches

Double 200x200 cm , or 78 inches by 78 inches

135x90 cm , or 53 inches by 74 inches

King 230x220 cm , or 90 inches by 86 inches 150x200 cm , or 59 inches by 78 inches
Super King 260x220 cm , or 102 by 86 inches

180x200 cm , or 71 inches by 78 inches


You may sometimes come across other sizes of comforters when searching for a product. These include

Duvets for twin beds - approximately 64 x 89 inches

Queen Size Quilts - Approximately 88 x 90 inches

Jumbo or Super Queen Size Quilts - Approximately 102 x 100 inches

Emperor Size Quilts - Approximately 114 x 92 inches, although sizes vary.


Once you have the measurements of your mattress and have determined the most suitable duvet size , it is time to make your choice. Browse the duvets on our site and find the right candidate to ensure a great night's sleep. From feather duvets to luxury duvets to hollow fiber duvets, there is something for everyone.

If you have any questions about the best mattress for you, contact our team today.

At Cover Housse we have a wide range of bedding that is perfect for improving the quality of your sleep to complement your bedroom.

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