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How to put on a duvet cover

How to put on a duvet cover : step-by-step guide


Putting on a duvet cover can be a frustrating task for some. However, there are different methods to facilitate this process. In this article, we will introduce you to two popular methods and some tips so that you can put on a duvet cover quickly and easily.

woman putting on a duvet cover

Traditional method

Preparing the cover and duvet

Start by laying the duvet cover flat on your bed, with the opening facing you. Then, lay the comforter on top, making sure to line up the corners and edges.

Fixing the corners

Take a corner of the duvet and slide it into the corresponding corner of the cover. Repeat this step for the other three corners, making sure to hold each corner in place while you work on the others.

Closing the cover

Once all the corners are in place, lift the bottom of the duvet cover and shake it so that the comforter is evenly distributed inside. Finally, close the cover with the buttons, ties or zipper.

Burrito method

Preparation of elements

Lay the duvet cover flat on the bed, with the opening facing you. Place the comforter on top, aligning the corners and edges as in the previous method.

Rolling up the duvet

Start rolling the comforter and cover together, starting at the edge opposite the opening. Roll them until you reach the edge with the opening of the cover.

Turning the cover

Reach your hands into the opening of the duvet cover and grab the end of the "burrito" you just created. Pull this end toward you, tucking the rest of the “burrito” inside the cover. Then unroll the duvet and cover, and adjust them so that they are securely in place.

Tips to make the task easier

Organization and storage

Keep your bedding stored and folded together to make changing sheets easier. You can even store the folded duvet cover inside the corresponding pillowcase to save time.

Attach the corners

Some duvet cover designs have ties or snaps at the corners to hold the duvet in place. Use them to prevent the duvet from sliding inside the cover.

Folding and storage

Learn how to fold your duvet cover correctly to save space and make the putting process easier next time.

Find the method that suits you

Advantages and disadvantages of the methods

Each method of putting on a duvet cover has its advantages and disadvantages. The traditional method is simple and quick to master, but can be difficult for people with large pigtails or mobility issues. The "burrito" method may seem more complex at first, but it is often quicker and more efficient once mastered.

Adapt the methods to your needs

Depending on your personal situation, the size of your duvet , and your comfort level, you can choose the method that suits you best. Feel free to try both methods and adapt them to find the one that makes putting on your duvet cover the easiest.


Putting on a duvet cover may seem complicated, but by following these steps and finding the method that works best for you, you'll be able to change your bedding quickly and stress-free. Feel free to experiment and adapt the methods presented here to meet your specific needs and make the process even simpler. Good luck and enjoy fresh, well-fitting bedding!

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