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Housse de couette bord de mer 135x200cm
Housse de couette bord de mer 135x200cm

duvet cover
sea ​​side

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    Offer a Maritime Getaway to your Child: Seaside Bed Set, a Journey to Comfort and Softness

    Get ready to bring a fresh sea breeze to your child 's bedroom with our seaside bedding set at an unbeatable price. Brought to you by Cover Housse , this 3-piece set is the escape you need to transform an ordinary space into a coastal paradise.

    Imagine yourself at dawn, where the seascape is gently revealed as the sun rises. It is this serenity and calm that our landscape pattern aims to capture. Our state-of-the-art printing technique delivers precision details and vibrant colors to create a captivating coastal ambiance in your child's bedroom.

    Our seaside duvet cover comes with 2 matching pillowcases , all made from high quality 100% polyester . The choice of polyester ensures exceptional longevity, resistance to creases and impressive ease of maintenance. Furthermore, this material is well known for its softness, offering a soothing and comfortable feeling to the touch.

    The set is made from microfiber , a manufacturing technique that gives the duvet cover and pillowcases a smooth, cozy texture. With a thread count of 200TC , you can expect an extraordinarily soft product, adding a touch of luxury to your child's bedroom while staying within your budget.

    Weighing only 1.1 kg , this bedding set is incredibly lightweight, making maintaining and changing it a breeze. This will make it easy to maintain a clean and healthy sleeping environment for your child.

    Don't miss the opportunity to immerse your child in a world of sweet sea dreams with our seaside bedding set. Embark on a journey to peaceful sleep and comfort with our seascape 3-piece set.

    Visit our Cover Housse online store without further delay and let the marine charm transform the atmosphere of your child's bedroom. Don't wait any longer, add our seaside bedding set to your basket now and offer your child the pleasure of sleeping in an enchanting setting.

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